We carry the tradition and legacy of Gustave Eiffel into the 21st century and across continents. Learn more about our cultural and financial projects and join us in one of the most unique opportunity of the decade. Since 1887 the Eiffel family and partners have marked the history of mankind by building one of the marvels of the world. And it is this exceptional spirit of engineering and beauty that we are sharing today.

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A corporation for the eiffel tower international expansion

An audacious project is to rebuild an iconic landmark, and nothing is more intriguing than the story of the Eiffel tower building process.

We uphold the tradition
We bring the story forward.

Our Firm brings together the Eiffel family and world class specialists in every needed discipline. From legal and fiscal advise to construction engineering and branding, our team incorporates the latest technologies while safeguarding the most ancient traditions.

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Who we are, in 3 simple points


The Human Story

Behind every inch and ounce of steal there is a person, who’s indefatigable talent is crucial in bringing to the existence great architectural structures. Discover who are the Eiffels?


The engineering

Discover how for 130 years, the legendary Eiffel Tower, being the everlasting symbol of France, has been standing tall.


The business model

The Tower makes money, there is no doubt about that, but how can it make more?

A great story brings A great opportunity.

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